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Equiade™ has been providing supplements for over 35 years. We have recently moved and are researching new and exciting products, while improving upon the products we have already developed.

Our products have been developed by a long time horseman and pharmacist, Mr. Arnold Epstein of Merrick NY. Competing for well over 15 years in horse racing, he was constantly asked and constantly looking to create an effective and legal product to enhance performance and health for horses. His first product, which was the “Jug”, a very high grade and effective electrolyte mixture, which is still being used very successfully today. It was the first on the market! Then the list goes on. After he retired from his business in 1991, he continued and formulated the products we have today. Now partnering with Mr Epstein is Dr. Ernest Pecoraro. Dr. Pecoraro has been in the human health medical and nutritional field for over 40 years.

Please browse our website to see what products we currently offer for horses, dogs and humans. If you have any questions and would like to contact us, click here.


Equine Supplements
For Horses

Equine Health is the most important factor in a long and happy life of a horse. With supplements for horses from Equiade you are guaranteed that all your equine supplementation needs are taken care of. To shop for our award winning products, click here.

Equiade Supplements
For Dogs 

The use of herbal extracts as Supplements for Dogs to enhance athletic performance has been studied and practiced for thousands of years. The active components of several botanical products have been shown to support the development of healthy, lean muscle tissue in canines. To shop for our canine products, click here.

Equiade’s Research & Education

Herbal Products for Athletic Performance


The use of herbal supplements, vitamins and extracts to support athletic performance has been evaluated and practiced for literally thousands of years. The active components of several botanical products have shown promise in healthy development of lean tissue growth. The athlete’s primary purpose when first undergoing a strength-training program is to gain weight, in the form of additional muscle; and therefore strength increases as well.

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