Horse arthritis and Horse Lameness are caused by many things. Basically horses are made to do more strenuous activities than their bodies are constructed to do. Stress on the front legs of a horse that weighs twelve hundred pounds and jumps over a six foot barrier and lands is hard on the joints as you can imagine. Dressage horses can be afflicted with degenerative joint disease of the hocks, inflammation and degenerative joint disease of the fetlock and front pasterns due to the movements they need to do in competition. Jumpers have stress on the hind limbs when taking off and the front limb joints when landing. Barrel racing horses, western horses, thoroughbred racehorses and English show horses all develop equine arthritis.

Equiade Inc. has developed an extra strength horse arthritis formula to aid in helping equine arthritis conditions. The horse supplement is called Lube All Plus and it contains four of the most important ingredients for healthy joints. MSM is an ingredient that is rich in the mineral sulphur which is essential to many bodily functions. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are well known as ingredients which help repair injured joint tissue as well as stimulate joint cell and cartilage cell reproduction. Hyaluronic acid is the substance that is contained in the joint fluid and is lost during injury. By supplementing with this ingredient the joint fluid is aided in replenishing. What is the difference between Lube All Plus and other horse supplements for joints? It has very large concentrations giving the extra strength needed to help with problem joints or preventing injury.

Horse arthritis or equine osteoarthritis is basically a breakdown of the cartilage which lines the bones that make up the joint. Chondroitin is one of the ingredients of Lube All Plus which is believed to block certain enzymes that break down cartilage . Oral supplementation for horses with arthritis is one of the most essential steps in its care. Equiade believes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and suggests that all horses take a horse vitamin supplement regularly to help support healthy joints and help to prevent disease and injury from occurring.