Jug™ Sports Supplement



  • Super Revitalizer
  • Quench Total Body Thirst
  • Performance, Competitive and Working Animals

Jug Sports Liquid Supplement:

1-2 Packets……………$13.95/ea
3-5 Packets ………….$11.95/ea
6 or more Packets ………….$10.95/ea



Jug is the super mineral formula for your working horse or animal. Fortified with the necessary minerals to help promote energy, strength, stamina and health.

Many of our customers are trainers who know the effectiveness of this product. Jug was the first product of its kind for race horses and is still the leader in its category. Try it today and witness the effectiveness for yourself!

DOSAGE FOR HORSES: 235 grams (1 packet)
DOSAGE FOR DOGS: 5 grams (47 servings/package)

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