Overdrive Plus™ Horse Performance Enhancer



  • 2-Day, 2-Dose Liquid
  • Performance and Competitive Horses
  • Pre-Performance Enhancer


Overdrive Plus:
1-5 Bottles…………….$35.95 each
6-11 Bottles……………$32.95 each
12-23 Bottles…………..$29.95 each
24 or more Bottles………$24.95 each

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Overdrive Plus is a 2-day, 2-dose dietary supplement pre-performance enhancer. This product was developed by a horseman to improve the performance of his race horses. It contains dietary supplements that help to utilize oxygen during vigorous physical activity. It has been used by horse trainers all over the world.

We have received several letters from horse owners that stated that their horse won its first race ever after using this product. Some trainers ask us to ship the product in plain boxes that do not have the product label on the outside, just so no one else will know what they are using.

Try Overdrive Plus to increase the performance of your animal and see the results for yourself.

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