Review by Instagram Influencer @afterthetrackeventing

Almost two weeks ago I was kindly sent this joint supplement to try in Bowie. I’m not going to lie, I had my doubts. There are so many joint supplements out there that I wasn’t prepared to be impressed. But here we are two weeks later! I’m impressed! Bowie feels fantastic and some of his shiver related “quirks” have lessened. His back feet are so much easier to pick out and the leg that swings out in the walk doesn’t hesitate so much. Overall, for only being on it 2 weeks so far, there have been major improvements. That being said, this supplement isn’t limited to neurological horses. Any horse can benefit from it wether they have arthritis or are just in full work. I’m so glad that @equiadeinc reached out to me because it’s made a huge difference in my boy. Before you try any other joint supplement, please please try this one! It’s affordable and doesn’t take long for your horse to feel their best 🙂